So as I start this blog, I feel the pressure to start off with something really great.  As I wipe the bead of sweat off my upper lip from the stress, I’d like to tell you about my coffee fiasco that took place today.

Tuesdays are my really long days of class.  I start at 8:30am and have back to back classes until 10pm with only half hour breaks in between.  Obviously I dread these days.  Also, if you know me, I love coffee.  If you know me REALLY well, you know how absolutely pissy I can get when I don’t have my coffee.  Today was no exception.  Today was actually even a day where multiple cups of coffee were needed.  So I went and got myself another cup of coffee.

About five minutes after putting in all my cream and sugar and getting it just right I was walking out of one of the hallways.  Now many of the hallways at school are what we’d like to call blind hallways.  You can’t see people coming.  The smart people at school will tend to nearly sprint around corners, typically on the inside corner so as you’re walking, they whip around the corner, sometimes even facing the other way.  Because why would you actually look where you’re going?  So as I exit the hallway I get blindsided by a guy racing down the hall.  For fear that I’m going to drop my coffee, I clench the cup, causing the lid to pop off and the coffee to go effing everywhere.  By everywhere I mean on my new shirt, the floor, the wall and of course barely anything on the spastic hallway speeder.   Don’t worry though, there was still coffee left in my cup, so it could have been worse.  Much worse.

Still, I’d like to say thank you sir for accentuating the design of my shirt with that of “shit like” coffee stains and being the first idiot to be featured on “Story of My Life”