So yesterday at the gym, one of the most bizarre things happened. Seriously. I was using the rowing machine (I’m pretty sure that it has a more sophisticated name but I don’t know it and probably neither do you so I don’t care). I was wearing these pants that had a zippered pocket in the back. So I thought it was a great idea to put my phone in there and feed the headphones up to my ear so it would be out of my way. Little did i know this would soon lead to a workout casualty So there I am, rowing along when all of a sudden I feel a tug on my headphones and my music stops. So I think, “oh my headphones probably just got yanked out.” but when I look, this was not the case! Apparently my headphones were dangling so the wire got caught under the sliding seat of the rowing machine & GOT SLICED IN TWO!!!! WHAT THE EFF!!! how does that even happen. I totally looked around to see if anyone else saw this shocking incident (which I’m sure they did… How embarrassing) and then I proceeded to pick my jaw up off the floor and take a picture to show my few yet dedicated “Story of my Life” blog readers! So here you have it!

*My spectacular photoshop skills were done during my photoshop class.  My prof would be proud!