I’m a big Nicki Minaj fan.  People think she’s a crazy.  This is true.  That’s why I like her so much.  Anyways, I’m somewhat obsessed with the song “Moment 4 Life” at the moment.  So I thought that I’d post the video on here and then write my comments.  Watch the video then proceed to my commentary.

#1.  Who the Eff is Martha? So i know that Roman is her little evil alter ego… but seriously who is Martha and why does the Fairy God mother act so effing crazy when she talks about her?

*Later I was informed that Martha is actually Roman’s mother

#2. Bitch (under her breath) See this is what I love about Nicki.  I just needed to comment that the part right before the song starts and she mumbles “bitch” kind of out the side of her mouth, is nothing short of pure genius.  Ok maybe not genius but it’s pretty damn funny.

#3  Nicki’s acting skills Nicki can’t act.  That’s not up for discussion…. it’s a fact.  She says she loved doing the acting parts… you shouldn’t have.  You blow at it.  I don’t think I’ve seen worse acting except for on the hit 90’s tv show Blossom.

#4  Drake & his flyness So I’m a huge Drake fan.  He’s super fly (including in this video) & I want to be him.  That is all.

#5  The Kiss Ok so we all know how Nicki and Drake have had this whole “fake marriage” and stuff and there’s been all this hot gossip on their secret fling.  So why hide the kiss.  Seriously, don’t keep us guessing.  Just show the damn kiss so we could screen capture it and photoshop Drake’s hand on Nicki’s breast or something to put on the cover of US weekly or something.  We need more tabloid gossip people!