Quote of the Day

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“It’s always easy if you’re a little pussie”

–  What I THOUGHT Rachel Klenner said the other day while making guacamole (I don’t even remember what she really said but it’s irrelevant now)


Quote of the Day #3

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“It smelled like piss and…. shit…. and whatever else you could think of.”

– My Modernism Professor
(It would be really funny if you knew her)

Quote of the Day #2

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So this was actually from a week ago but I didn’t think to post it till now.

“I’m pretty sure when I saw those puppies I shit myself.”

– Savannah (in reference to the puppies on the Pedigree commercial)

Quote of the Day #1

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“I really like the texture and tone of your balls in the image.”

– My View Camera Professor (while referring to a pair of baseballs in a picture during critique)